Chapter 1 - The Chase

I ran down the alleyway with my gun drawn.

"Freeze!" I yelled, but the murderer that I was chasing just kept running. I cursed under my breath as I continued the chase.

It was only ten minutes ago when Edgar Brown, a local politician, was making his speech. I was one of the cops that were on duty; in front of the stage, but not on it. In the middle of the speech, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I didn't know where he came from, since I wasn't watching the stage. However, as I was scanning the crowd for any suspicious activities, I heard a surprised shout from behind me, and when I turned around, there he was, standing right next to Edgar Brown. Without missing a beat, the mysterious man shot Edgar Brown point blank in the head and ran.

We gave chase.

Somehow, after wading through the crowd, I ended up being the only one still on the shooter's tail.

In the alleyway, the shooter turned a corner and suddenly, there was a bright light coming from where he had ran to.

I slowed down as I neared the corner and backed up against the wall. With my gun ready, I peered out.

A swirling mass of light was in the middle of the air. It was expanding and a picture was appearing in the middle of it. From where I was, it seemed like that a picture of a field and clear blue skies was forming in the middle of the swirling light that was now an oval shape and as tall as a person.

Next to this levitating, light-framed picture was the killer, pressing some buttons on a device strapped to his wrist.

Wasting no time, I leapt out of cover and pointed my gun at him, shouting again, "Freeze!"

Of course, he jumped into the picture.

I stared disbelievingly for a few moments before I ran after him and jumped into the picture myself.

Suddenly, I found myself falling. There were wreathing waves of different coloured lights all around me, and I was falling towards a bright, white light, which got brighter and brighter as I headed towards it.

I landed on the other side, just as the light disappeared behind me.

Looking around, I found myself in the middle of an open field - the same open field that I saw in the middle of the light. In front of me was the murderer with his hands up. I looked around and saw that we were surrounded by the police and their... hovering cars?!

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