Chapter 18 - Cronus and Metis

I had finally tracked them down.

It had taken months of searching, interrogating, and hunting, but I finally had a time and location on Cronus and Metis.

I opened a time portal and stepped through.

On the other side, a voice questioned, "What the hell?"

I raised my gun and pointed it at the two occupants in the bed, "Hello Cronus, hello Metis."

Metis reached for what seemed like her glasses, but I wasn't going to take a chance. I fired a bullet into her hand.

She screamed in pain and grabbed her bleeding hand.

"Very nice place you have here," I said. I had made sure that they would be in an isolated place and time. Nobody would be interrupting us.

Cronus growled at me, "Apparently you didn't get my warning, Agent Lawson."

"Oh, I did," I said, nonchalantly. I threw a pair of handcuffs that I had procured in front of Cronus, "Handcuff her hands behind her back."

After Cronus had handcuffed Metis, I threw another pair of handcuffs in front of him, "Now, do it for yourself, then get up, the both of you."

They did so, and I made sure that the handcuffs were actually locked.

Still pointing my gun at them, I opened a time portal.

Gesturing to the portal, I said to the two, "Go in."

The three of us walked through the portal, and on the other side was a classroom of teenagers.

Somebody screamed and I shouted, "Nobody move!"

The class froze.

I walked over to a bespectacled girl in the back of the classroom, and I pressed my gun on the side of her head. Looking at Metis, I said, "Know who this is, Metis?"

Metis looked very scared.


Metis opened her mouth, "That's-"

"You." I finished her sentence and pulled the trigger, killing the girl.

The classroom screamed.

"Shut up!" I yelled, waving my gun around.

The classroom quieted down.

"No..." Metis was becoming translucent.

Not long after, she faded away.

Cronus stared at me in shock, "But- but, you're a TPA agent! You can't do this!"

"Actually, I'm not an agent anymore. And it's not so fun when someone uses time travel to hurt you, now is it?"

I walked over to a boy and pulled the trigger again, killing the younger Cronus.

Some in the classroom couldn't help but scream, but they quieted down quickly enough.

We waited for a few minutes, however, Cronus didn't disappear.

I guess Dr. Potter was right, time travel really is fickle.

Cronus stared in shock at his dead, younger self. Then, he started to laugh, "I am Cronus! I am the Titan of Time! Paradoxes are nothing to-"

I shot him in the head.

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