Chapter 4 - Headquarters

The car parked itself in front of a nondescript building. We walked in and walked up to the reception desk.

"Hello Judy," Agent Lam greeted the receptionist.

"Hi Matt," Judy smiled at Agent Lam, and then at me.

"This is James, he's going to need security clearance, lowest level please."

"No problem, give me a minute," Judy then processed the request on her computer, and handed me a visitor's badge with a lanyard. "Here you go, James."

"Thanks," I grabbed the badge and hung it around my neck.

Agent Lam and I then proceed past the security guards, who confirmed our identities before letting us in, and into the building. We reached the top floor and walked into the office of a Captain Mortimer (his name was on a sign).

"Agent Lam," the captain greeted the agent with a nod, and then he turned to me, "And you must be James?"

I shook his extended hand, "Yes sir."

"Agent Lam tells me that you both have to make one more trip into the past to prevent another paradox. Do you understand what you have to do?"

"Um, I think so, sir."

"Good. Here are some simple rules: stick to the mission, leave nothing behind, and don't take anything."

"Yes sir," I said.

Agent Lam then pressed some buttons on the device on his wrist. A mass of light appeared in the middle of the air in front of him, with the picture of a bedroom forming in the middle of the light.

Agent Lam had opened a time portal into his bedroom.

Agent Lam walked into the portal and gestured for me to follow. I looked at Captain Mortimer and he nodded.

Taking a deep breath, I walked in as well and fell through the same tunnel of wreathing energies towards the bright light at the end.

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