Chapter 8 - End of the First Day

I was about to head home after my first day when I was stopped by Judy at the reception area.

"James!" Judy shouted out my name from her desk as I was about to open the front door.

I turned around and walked up to reception, "Hi Judy, did I forget something?"

"No..." Judy blushed a little, "I was just wondering if you would like to continue exploring the town?"

"Oh, sounds good! Let me ask Matthew too."

"No!" she suddenly yelled.

The both of us paused, surprised by her sudden yell. She blushed again and said, "I mean, could we, maybe, just go by ourselves?"

The both of us were silent again. Then, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I realized what she was asking me.

Judy smiled a bit as well, but blushed even harder.

Finally, I answered, "Sure, I'd love to."

Smiling that cute, little smile of hers, she replied, "Great!"

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